Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to the Kebab Price Index!

Frustrated at the lack of serious, empirically valid consumer price index? Don't want to deal with hedonics and other hazy methods of sorting out how much something really costs?

Then use the KPI - the Kebab Price Index!

This blog will attempt to track - somehow - the price of kebabs across the country, using a standard "model" - the Doner kebab, with no hedonic adjustments. i.e no extra sauce or topping.

This will be an interactive blog - you need to go down to your local Kebab Palace/Plaza/Barn/Bazaar/Sidestand/Van - where ever you are and then come back here and tell us how much a standard Doner kebab costs!

Its that simple. Actually its more complicated, but we'll leave that sort of "adjustment" to the pros - or the property people.

You don't need to eat the kebab, or order the exact one, just remember (use paper, a smart phone, an iPad or whatever) to note down the price and come back here and tell us.

Soon, we will be able to gauge where the pocket breads of inflation are in this country (like the extra hot piece of cheese that has gooed up in one part of your kebab and burns your lip on the way out), either from FIFO (Fit in or F^&k Off) miners or Bogan Tradies.

We might even create a map or even put some data in a table. The possibilities are endless!